Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nat Geo airing Ultimate Factories on Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Camaro and Porsche

by Jonny Lieberman

There's a reason cable is kicking so much network butt these days. No, not Deadliest Catch. Well, okay, Deadliest Catch and shows like the National Geographic Channel's Ultimate Factories. What is Ultimate Factories you ask? It's a show where a camera crew runs around the world checking out some really cool factories, that's what. Think Budweiser, Ikea and the place where they build M1 tanks. However, the show spends most of its time (and rightly so) on cars.

For example, we chose the Lamborghini picture as the lead for this post because A) that's the (drool) LP670-4 SV B) the Lambo factory episode already aired last week. From all accounts, it was super fantastic good, especially if you're into raging bulls. Missed it? Do not fear, however, as reruns are currently (re)running. But even if you missed the Lamborghini episode, there are some upcoming shows that will certainly pique your interest.

This Thursday, October 8, is the Rolls-Royce factory where Nat Geo explores the Rolls-Royce Phantom, a car that takes 450 hours to build. On October 15 they visit the Oshawa plant where the new Chevrolet Camaro is built. Unlike the largely hand-built Phantom, it takes 734 robots (plus a human or two) just 18 hours to build a Camaro, with one coming off the line every minutes. Check this out: every Camaro produced so far has an owner.

On October 22, Ultimate Factories visits Stuttgart to spend some time with the Porsche 911. Turns out that National Geographic is smarter than they look because the very next week – October 29 – they visit Bowling Green, Kentucky where the Corvette is made. Why smart? Would you want eleventy billion Corvette owners writing you hate mail all stating, "OMG. My C5 can smoke that Volkswagen. LOL?" Make the jump to watch some previews – including one with a guest appearance by our pal Valentino Balboni.

Lamborghini - Scissor Doors