Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The BMW 3 series Touring

The overall performance level of the Touring model in the BMW 3 series is fine, with an across-the-board standard maintained amongst all of the different engines available for this model. Although the petrol-run 318i is not the fastest engine, there is the choice of the 320i, the 318d and the 320d, in the four-cylinder range, if you are seeking an engine with a faster performance level. In the six-cylinder category there is the choice of the325i and the turbocharged 335i - for speed racers! There are also a variety of options
regarding the transmission, with the BMW 3 series Touring model, including manual and auto six-speed choices.

Like the Saloon models in the BMW 3 series range, the Touring editions are the represents the best on-the-road car in it’s field, with none of its competitors able to match the body control, surface traction and subtly responsive steering offered by the BMW 3 series Touring car. Furthermore, while the suspension is effective enough to ensure that you are conscious of changes to the road surface texture, it never makes the experience of driving the car an uncomfortable or unpleasant one. Overall the Touring model in the used BMW 3 series range offers a firm driving experience, especially on city roads, but a perfectly decent one.

The noise levels experienced when driving the BMW 3 series Touring model are minimal, making it an ideal vehicle for longer distance cruising. The diesel engines make more noise than the petrol ones, but the noise from the engine is largely restricted to that area of the car and is not particularly noticeable when riving. Like other models in the BMW 3 series range, the most noticeable sound is wind noise when the car is being driven at higher speed levels, although this is unlikely to be considered a major problem by many.